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Clam Shell Bowl
Our Price: $243.00
Monroe Tray
Our Price: $135.00
Round Dupre Trays
Our Price: $165.00
Caffin Trays
Our Price: $193.00
Small Crocodile Tray
Our Price: $230.00
Large Crocodile Tray
Our Price: $273.00
Small Mavis Tray
Our Price: $88.00
Large Mavis Tray
Our Price: $160.00
Medium Mavis Tray
Our Price: $115.00
Small Misha Bowl
Our Price: $85.00
Large Misha Bowl
Our Price: $113.00
Large Mirage Tray
Our Price: $288.00
Large Mirage Tray - Blue
Our Price: $288.00
Heart Tray
Our Price: $48.00
Ace Tray
Our Price: $48.00
Clover Tray
Our Price: $50.00
Diamond Tray
Our Price: $50.00
Large Aerolite Tray
Our Price: $130.00
Crystal Adornment W/Box
Our Price: $333.00
Crystal Celestite Box
Our Price: $473.00

If you’re looking for an artistic accent that adds a touch
of functionality, browse our collection of contemporary decorative trays and bowls.
These 3D elements can be accentuated with fillers including decorative spheres,
unique flowers or stylish marbles. For a nice earthly ambiance, choose a wooden
bowl and pair it with moss balls or pinecones for a nice organic tone.

One and Only Furniture features a variety of decorative
trays and bowls to fill your home with style and charm. Whether you’re
searching for something ornate or a bit more minimalistic, our collection
includes striking bowls and trays that are sure to create an eye-catching

Find ornamental looks for your living room, entryway, dining
room and more. These pieces can also be used to create the perfect centerpiece.
Designer bowls and trays can also be utilized the next time you throw a dinner
party. Impress your guests by accentuating your serving table with a strikingly
modern fruit bowl and bold platters that allow your food to stand out like a
piece of art. These elements are not only functional, but can be beautiful
objects that reflect your personality and unique style. Browse our hand-picked
selection of high fashion trays and bowls now for the perfect accent to complement
your interior design.