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Gia Sculpture
Our Price: $90.00
Up-Cat Sculpture
Our Price: $90.00
Floyd Pig
Our Price: $73.00
Ms. Helen Sculpture
Our Price: $130.00
Caliope Sculpture
Our Price: $155.00
Large Crab
Our Price: $123.00
Our Price: $43.00
Large Sphere
Our Price: $120.00
Medium Sphere
Our Price: $93.00
Small Sphere
Our Price: $53.00
Sculptured Horn
Our Price: $143.00
Clam Shell Bowl
Our Price: $243.00
Ralph Pig Snout
Our Price: $70.00
Ed Horse Snout
Our Price: $80.00
H Studio Panther Sculpture
Our Price: $1,685.00
H Studio Maru Sculpture
Our Price: $2,795.00
H Studio Amita Sculpture
Our Price: $2,885.00
Rhino Bay Sculpture
Our Price: $163.00

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home with modern sculptures and artwork from One and Only Furniture in Austin. These stylish pieces combine rich colors with distinctive materials, textures and surfaces to create one-of-a-kind statuaries that are sure to catch the eye. From rustic to contemporary to abstract, our curated collection of personalized, quality pieces are sure to appeal to a broad range of artistic interests.

Freestanding sculptures can add depth and a distinctive personality to any room in your house. These fashionable pieces also go great in offices for a refined and distinguished look. Sculptures can go a long way in creating a distinctive mood or evoking emotions that truly enhance your interior design. They’re perfect for balancing out other elements in a room, or transforming an empty space into a mesmerizing focal point.

We offer exceptionally creative sculptures in a variety of mediums, styles, and sizes in a wide range of prices. We encourage you to browse our selection of sculptures and artwork from artists around the world. Our global collection includes free-standing pieces as well as wall sculptures in a variety of materials such as wood, bronze, metal, stone and more.

Much like Austin itself, our assortment of sculptures embodies the eclectic mix of art found throughout the city. The designs include a range of subject matter, from people and animals to the abstract and imaginary. Whatever your theme may be, you’re sure to find something that meets your personal tastes and aesthetic preferences.