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Margate Folding Screen
Our Price: $5,150.00
Clara Folding Screen
Our Price: $8,000.00

Room screens (also referred to as room dividers) serve both functional and aesthetic purposes within homes and offices. These accent pieces have been used for centuries to create a sense of privacy and increase the usability of any room. Modern day room screens are employed for a variety of uses, including to block or diffuse light, redirect foot traffic, hide messy areas and create private nooks for study, dressing and much more.

Room dividers come in a variety of materials and designs as well, including wood, bamboo, fabric, plexiglass, mirrors, framed cotton canvas and pleated fabric. In addition to creating more efficient use of the space within a room, screens also serve to add character and decoration to particular spaces. Due to their size, room dividers can provide a beautiful focal point, much like a large piece of wall art. Many of today’s room screens feature ornate details, vibrant colors and delicate materials.

Folding room screens were found in China in the 7th century, and primarily in the homes of royalty and noble families. These pieces still invoke a sense of old-world elegance and pair tastefully with an attractive rug or a lustrous wall sconce.