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Pendant lights are an easy way to inject some vibrant character into any room. These hanging lights come in a variety of styles, colors and materials. These fixtures are typically suspended from the ceiling by a chain, cord or metal rod. They can be hung as a single light fixture to highlight a particular place like the dining room table, or hung in a series to provide adequate lighting over kitchen islands, bars, vanities and more.

The versatile nature and style variety of pendant lighting allows these fixtures to provide much more than functional lighting, often acting as statement pieces on their own. Differing shapes, colors and materials can be used in combination to form a dramatic sculptural focal point in a room. Their diverse nature also makes pendant lights adaptable to just about any design scheme. Whether your space is modern and minimalistic, eclectic and playful, or rustic and warm, you’re bound to find a pendant lighting fixture that works well with your unique look.

If your space boasts a contemporary style for instance, you may want to opt for a sleek linear chrome or brushed nickel fixture that complements your home’s cool, clean aesthetic. On the flipside, if your style is whimsical and quirky, this décor is ideal for colorful glass pendant lighting. Staggering pendant lights over kitchen islands and other focal points is a great way to create a fun and inspired look. Mixing different finishes or different sizes of pendant lights is another technique that can be used to give your interiors a creative and artistic flair.