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Bamboo Table
Our Price: $395.00
Soho Bar Cart
Our Price: $2,757.00
Luxe Red Dahlia Cabinet
Our Price: $3,626.00
Mirrored Glass Top Stainless Steel Adjustable Shelves
Zhin Cabinet
Our Price: $6,240.00
Sinclair Bar Cabinet
Our Price: $6,240.00
Apothecary Bar Cabinet
Our Price: $7,546.00
More Images! Emerald Green Solid Oak Frame!

Home bars make for a great place to entertain friends and
loved ones, and have become a quintessential bonus room in many of Austin’s
homes today. Whether you’re looking to add a contemporary wet bar,
vintage-style whiskey room or infuse an empty nook with some cosmopolitan
flair, One and Only Furniture has the unique pieces you need to take your space
to the next level.

Updating the look of your interior design with bar elements
is a relatively easy way to modernize and revamp the look and feel of your
home. It can also be a really fun process! This is your sacred place to unwind
at the end of a long day, or host a fun soiree with friends. Naturally, you
want this area to reflect your unique personality and individual style. The
good news is, when it comes to designing a home bar area, you have a good
amount of flexibility and creative leeway to really make the space your own.

One and Only Furniture offers a range of chic and functional
pieces to decorate your bar area with. Our bar carts, trolleys and cabinets are
one-part elegant décor and one-part functional party favorite that sets the
tone for a stylish gathering place. Complement your bar area with other bar
must-haves, including unique barstools, cocktail
, stunning art
and much more!