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Bubbles Vase
Our Price: $260.00
Small Tiffany Vase
Our Price: $53.00
Medium Tiffany Vase
Our Price: $63.00
Large Tiffany Vase
Our Price: $68.00
Gabriella Vase
Our Price: $55.00
Turquoise Stupa Vase
Our Price: $63.00
Medium Moonbeam Vase
Our Price: $93.00
Large Moonbeam Vase
Our Price: $85.00
Small Moonbeam Vase
Our Price: $88.00
Pisano Decanter
Our Price: $50.00
Da Vinci Decanter
Our Price: $48.00
Turquoise Slender Vase
Our Price: $63.00
Small Edmonton Vase
Our Price: $88.00
Large Edmonton Vase
Our Price: $93.00
Small Bronson Vase
Our Price: $68.00
Medium Bronson Vase
Our Price: $73.00
Large Bronson Vase
Our Price: $85.00
Small Glacier Vase
Our Price: $108.00
Large Glacier Vase
Our Price: $148.00
Medium Glacier Vase
Our Price: $135.00
Large Lava Vase
Our Price: $113.00
Small Lava Vase
Our Price: $103.00
Round Lava Vase
Our Price: $80.00
Oblong Silver Vase
Our Price: $137.00

Considering adding a vase to your home or office décor?
Whether your aim is to fill your vase with attractive flora or use it as a
stand-alone piece of art, One and Only Furniture has a wide assortment of
unique and innovative designs for you to choose from.

Our sleek, modern vases are designed with a contemporary and
minimalist aesthetic that are as visually appealing as they are functional.
Discover elegant, designer vases crafted from a variety of high-quality materials,
from blown glass to ceramic vessels to vintage mixed metal.

Our curated collection of vases is carefully selected from
distinguished artists all over the globe. Each piece is as unique and lively as
the designer who created it. You’ll find vases in just about every style,
ranging from artistic to interpretive and minimalistic to surreal.

Vases have always been one of the most versatile decorating
accents within interior design. Gorgeous vases are consistently functional,
continuing to provide visual appeal even when your favorite flowers are no
longer in season. Much like sculpture
art, many of today’s modern vases can stand on their own as a unique piece of
decor. Many interior decorators place designer vases on mantles and console
, either on their own or in groupings, to create a unique focal point
or ornamental statement. Browse our collection now to find an eye-catching vase
for your home or office.