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Rhino Bay Sculpture
Our Price: $163.00
Small Glacier Vase
Our Price: $108.00
Large Glacier Vase
Our Price: $148.00
Medium Glacier Vase
Our Price: $135.00
Large Lava Vase
Our Price: $113.00
Small Lava Vase
Our Price: $103.00
Round Lava Vase
Our Price: $80.00
Small Edmonton Vase
Our Price: $88.00
Large Edmonton Vase
Our Price: $93.00
Small Bronson Vase
Our Price: $68.00
Medium Bronson Vase
Our Price: $73.00
Large Bronson Vase
Our Price: $85.00
Exley Wall Ornament
Our Price: $620.00
Reserve Wine Rack
Our Price: $180.00
Turquoise Slender Vase
Our Price: $63.00
Oblong Silver Vase
Our Price: $137.00
Silver Oval Urn
Our Price: $221.00
Crystal Bookend Right
Our Price: $294.00
Crystal Bookend Left
Our Price: $294.00
Large Split Geode
Our Price: $249.00
Quotation Bookends
Our Price: $445.00
Glass Horn On Stand
Our Price: $406.00
Silvered Coral Bookend
Our Price: $294.00
Alabaster Obelisk
Our Price: $1,114.00

The home is a personal work of art, one that can be lived in and experienced on a daily basis. One and Only Furniture strives to bring unique aspects to your home to enhance its character and convey a poised and confident style. From intricately crafted pieces to trendy modern flair, One and Only Furniture offers our Austin patrons and online shoppers a plethora of home accessory options to help transform your design vision into reality.

From top-of-the-line statement pieces that will entice your senses, to affordable and functional art and décor, One and Only Furniture brings you an array of design accessories that will help you bring your dream home to fruition.

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Our extensive series of high-quality products makes the process of bringing your design vision to life both a fun and simple process. Our interior decorators and design experts handpick and curate the most unique and beautiful pieces from around the world to enrich the shopping experience. Whether you’re looking to experiment with color or bring a taste of global-inspired flair into your décor, at One and Only Furniture, you’ll find the trendy home furnishings and accessories you need to help your home come alive!